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Diode LED DI-0782 Black 4-Way Hard Wire Terminal Block

Diode LED DI-0782 Black 4-Way Hard Wire Terminal Block

Diode LED

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  • Description

Diode LED DI-0782 Black 4-Way Hard Wire Terminal Block

4-Way Terminal Blocks are a convenient accessory for joining up to three LED light fixtures, LED strip light runs, or LED light bar runs to a single power source. The UL Listed junction features four terminals for a positive connection and four terminals for a negative connection, and can be used for any voltage up to 250V AC.

This hard-wired terminal block is perfect for creating parallel runs with LED Strip Lights, and any other LED light installation where many fixtures or strip sections need to be powered by the same source, but each need its own distinct connection to power. Because the circuits run across the width of the splitter (and not lengthwise), this accessory is also handy for color-changing RGB strip light or light bar installations.

The 4-Way Terminal Block is made of heavy-duty plastic and comes with a plastic cover to protect the splitter’s electrical connections. Each block has a hole on each end for secure mounting to a flat surface, and is UL Listed.

  • Certifications:  UL Component Recognized
  • Dimensions:  Length = 2.6", Width = 1.4", Height = 0.9"
  • Environment / IP Rating:  Indoor
  • Max Voltage Rating:  250V
  • Max Amperage Rating:  20A
  • Connection Type:  Screw down terminal block
  • Connection Capacity:  Fits 24-12AWG wire.  Stud size: 3.5mm²
  • Base Material:  Phenolic Aldehyde
  • Mounting:  Mount with applicable screws (mounting screws not included)
  • Ambient Temp:  -4° ~158°F (-20° ~70°C)
  • Spec Sheet