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Diode LED DI-12V-BLX3-63-100 100ft Spool Blaze X 300+ Lumen Per Foot LED Tape Light 6300K 12V DC

Diode LED DI-12V-BLX3-63-100 100ft Spool Blaze X 300+ Lumen Per Foot LED Tape Light 6300K 12V DC

Diode LED

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  • Description

Illuminate your projects with the brilliant Diode LED DI-12V-BLX3-63-100, a 100ft spool of Blaze X LED tape light that delivers an astounding 300+ lumens per foot. Operating on a 12V DC system, this high-intensity LED tape light provides efficiency and safety while offering the crisp, cool daylight of a 6300K color temperature. It's the ideal solution for extensive lighting projects that require the highest quality of bright and consistent illumination.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Brightness: Achieve unparalleled lighting with over 300 lumens per foot, making it one of the brightest LED tape lights available for professional and ambitious lighting designs.

  • Extensive Coverage: The 100-foot length ensures that you have ample lighting for large-scale projects, allowing for continuous, uniform illumination across vast areas.

  • Crisp Daylight White: The 6300K color temperature provides a bright, daylight-like light, perfect for environments that require high visibility and a vibrant atmosphere.

  • Energy-Efficient 12V DC Operation: Low voltage means safer installations and energy savings, making this LED tape light both an economical and environmentally friendly choice.

  • Easy Installation: With its self-adhesive backing, the tape light can be easily applied to various surfaces, offering quick and hassle-free setup for any project.

  • Customizable Length: Designed to be cut at marked intervals, this LED tape light can be tailored to fit the precise needs of your space, ensuring a perfect installation with no wasted length.

  • Durability and Longevity: Built with high-quality materials, this LED tape light is designed to last, providing reliable, maintenance-free lighting that stands the test of time.

  • High Efficiency: Despite its powerful output, this LED tape light is energy-efficient, helping to reduce electricity bills while offering superior illumination.

In conclusion, the Diode LED DI-12V-BLX3-63-100 100ft Spool Blaze X 300+ Lumen Per Foot LED Tape Light is the perfect choice for those demanding exceptional brightness, extensive reach, and crisp lighting quality in their projects. Whether you are lighting up commercial spaces, enhancing architectural features, or creating a specific ambiance in residential settings, this LED tape light offers the ultimate in performance and flexibility. Upgrade your lighting with Blaze X and transform any environment with vibrant, efficient, and durable LED lighting.